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Very important. The schedule for events, services or entrance tickets to shows included in any of the packs of Renfe Viajes Ocio are INDEPENDENT to the train schedule.

REMEMBER. Set a date and time in between the departure and the return train, to avoid complications!.

Not Renfe nor Viajes Reina take responsabilities for the lost of the trip because of the previously pointed. .


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Calendar and prices 2021

Andalusian Route: Seville - Seville (7 days - 6 nights)

13, 20, 27 4, 11, 18, 25 1, 8

Price from: 3.700€

Price per Person in a Grand Class Room
If you want another type of room, indicate it in comments on the reservation form.

Lusitana Route: Seville - Lisbon - Porto or vice versa (4 days - 3 nights)

11, 25

August: 11 (Sevilla - Lisboa - Oporto)

August: 25 (Oporto - Lisboa - Sevilla)

Price from: 2.500 €

Price per Person in a Grand Class Room
If you want another type of room, indicate it in comments on the reservation form.



Train Al Ándalus Andalusian Route / Train Al Ándalus Lusitania Route

The Al Ándalus Train offers you the privilege of travelling in a palace on wheels. A train that evokes the Belle Epoque, unmatched in terms of comfort, elegance and spaciousness. Its carriages have a long history of luxury and sophistication behind them.

The train
The suite cars and rooms that currently make up the Al Ándalus train are to the same series as those that were built in France at the beginning of the last century to take the members of the British monarchy between Calais and the Cote d'Azur. Together with the ballroom cars, also manufactured during this period, they form a unique train in which the original elements coexist with the technical advances of cutting-edge materials and developments, to enjoy maximum comfort and safety. The entire train, rooms, Suites and common areas, is connected internally allowing free transit of all passengers.

Suite Deluxe
Spacious and elegant suite, combining the original look of this historic train with all the comforts of our day. It has a double bed (1.50 m x 2.00 m), which transforms during the day into a comfortable sofa, leaving space for reading or to enjoy the landscape from the privacy of your suite. It has a wardrobe, luggage compartment, safe, minibar and adjustable air-conditioning, as well as large windows, equipped with bathtub or shower, spacious and comfortable, with shower, hairdryer and varied set of welcome items.

Gran Clase room
Cosy room with wood veneer panels, which generates a warm and cosy atmosphere. It has two single beds (0.80 m x 1.85 m), which are transformed during the day into comfortable armchairs, leaving space for reading or to enjoy the landscape from the privacy of your suite. It has a wardrobe, luggage compartment, safe, minibar and adjustable air-conditioning, as well as large windows, equipped with bathtub or shower, spacious and comfortable, with shower, hairdryer and varied set of welcome items.

Lounge Cars
The four lounge cars of the Al Ándalus train are authentic railway jewels, built between 1928 and 1930, and remodelled to offer you the greatest comfort and safety. In these common areas, breakfast and lunch or dinner are prepared by our chef and served daily. Please note that the bar is open from early dawn and until past midnight. They offer the best setting to relax and have a drink or listen to music in the piano car.

Download the Andalusian Route itinerary Download
Download the itinerary Ruta Lusitana Download

The trip includes

Accommodation in a Grand Class room:

  • Welcome drink and aperitif.
  • Toiletry bag with toiletries and slippers.
  • Mineral water at no cost.
  • All breakfasts.
  • All dinners and lunches, on board the train or in first class restaurants (included wine, water, soft drinks and coffee)
  • Activities on board: music and live performances, parties in the pub car, dancing and much plus.
  • Tickets to museums, monuments and shows.
  • Excursions and scheduled visits.
  • Dinner - end of trip gala party.

    Accommodation in a Deluxe Suite : everything included in a Grand Class room and also:

    • All non-alcoholic beverages in the suite free of charge.
    • Service from the crew to pack and unpack your bags and sort your clothes.
    • Opening and closing the bed in bed-night or sofa-day mode upon request by the client.

      Your trip also includes luxury bus , which accompanies the train throughout the journey, to facilitate travel on some visits and excursions. Every day, you will have at your disposal the main newspapers and magazines on the market. Our multilingual guide will will become an inseparable companion throughout the trip, along with the rest of the team (Head of Expedition, guide, waiters, cooks and technical staff).

      The stop stations have security service .

      We want you to enjoy your trip before you start. Therefore, as a courtesy, we offer you two transfers with a 50% discount on Renfe trains: one as an approach to the point of start of the tourist itinerary and another one back from the end point of the tourist trip. Only for the National territory.

      Other services available on the train for the customer are: laundry and bar service.

      Life on board

      Imagine a luxury train where you can enjoy and relax , making it your living room, your transportation, your meeting place, your restaurant, your room or your dance floor. In which each day you will wake up in a different place with unique landscapes from the comfort of your room or any of our evocative rooms.

      During the day, when we will be making our visits, we recommend comfortable clothing and footwear. By At night you can opt for a more formal attire, although a certain etiquette is not required in no time.

      After dinner, you can enjoy an evening of leisure. Every night there are live performances or dancing to board. You can also choose to have something more leisurely in another of the lounge cars, go out to take a walk around the town where we are or retire earlier to the privacy of your room.

      To facilitate rest, once the day is over, the train remains stopped at the station.

      The trip on the Al Ándalus train is also a tour of the best gastronomy , with products world famous such as olive oil, sherry wine or Iberian ham from Jabugo

      The exquisite buffet of our breakfasts is complemented by the personalized attention of our Waiters. Local specialties are present during the trip, making each day start in a different and original way also on the table.

      For lunch and dinner, on-board catering is alternated, in the elegant train lounges, with a selection of the best restaurants. An appetizing culinary proposal, washed down with the best wines from wine appellations of origin.

      The entire crew of Tren Al Ándalus is at your disposal twenty-four hours a day, trained to offer personalized attention in several languages. The team is led by a Chief of Expedition, who will take the reins of this railway cruise, guaranteeing a service of maximum quality inside and outside the train.

      Visits and Excursions / Al Andalus Andalusian Route

      Our trip includes sea, mountains, squares and streets full of charm, museums, cathedrals, wineries and ports with a lot of history, which you can enjoy through the words of multilingual guides that will accompany you on each tour.

      Andalusian Route

      Visit the Andalusian Tourism website

      • Seville
      • Cádiz
      • Jerez
      • Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez
      • Round
      • Granada
      • The Alhambra
      • Linares
      • Baeza
      • Úbeda
      • Cordoba
      Visits and Excursions / Al Andalus Lusitania Route

      Our trip includes the sea, mountain, charming squares and streets, traditional neighbourhoods, museums, cathedrals and monuments with a lot of history, which you can enjoy thanks to the multilingual guides that will accompany you on each tour.

      Lusitania Route

      • Sevilla
      • Mérida
      • Lisbon
      • Porto
      Información para el viaje

      All travelers must have documentation that proves their identity. In the case of foreigners, the documentation required to travel on trains is the same as that required to enter Spain from the country of origin. As for the Spaniards, you can identify yourself with your national identity document or with your passport.


      In Spain, the legal currency is the Euro. There is no obligation to give tips.


      In Spain, medicines must be purchased at pharmacies. If it comes from a community country or state that has agreements with Spain, it will benefit. of the same pharmaceutical benefits as the Spanish ones. On board, all trains have a first aid kit, and the crew has training to use it. In addition, we are in continuous contact with the health centers located along the different routes, in case some traveler needs medical attention.


      To travel to Spain there is no need to be vaccinated against any disease, although, as in any part of the world, it is recommended to have updated the anti-tetanus vaccine and the official vaccination calendar.


      In Spain, this is Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public spaces (including public or collective transport vehicles). Therefore, as long as the traveler is on board, and according to the legislation in force, he / she will not be able to; smoke. However, travel by train does not exceed 3-4 hours of travel.


      In general terms, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe for tourists who come to visit us. On board, our trains have security service and a safe, as well as surveillance at all stations of the route.


      Both El Transcantico and Al-Andalus Train, as well as Tren Aldanada and El Expreso de La Robla have Wi-Fi connection and a computer in their lounges from which travelers could access Internet, check your e-mail, etc. The Transcantico & Al-Andalus Train and also have Wi-Fi connection in all its compartments. (Connection subject to operator coverage).

      For telephone communications, if you want to call from Spain to another country you should dial 00 followed by the country code and the phone number. If you want to make a call to a Spanish phone number from abroad, you should dial +34 (Spanish code) and then the phone number, consisting of 9 digits.

      For foreigners who wish to use the mobile, we recommend that you contact your operator before traveling to activate the roaming international roaming service and inquire about the rates.


      Luxury Tourist Trains only has Compulsory Travel Insurance (CTI), so it is recommended to hire a private travel insurance, which covers possible cancellation costs, accidents outside the train, illness or similar, through the travel agency or insurer.


      Regarding accessibility, all the Luxury Tourist Trains, although remodeled and equipped with the latest technologies, are historic and small trains, so their interior is not there. enabled and it is impossible the circulation of a wheelchair or walker. Therefore, they are not accessible trains. If you are dealing with a person with reduced mobility, and you only need the support of the wheelchair outside the train, then yes. It would be possible for me to travel.


      Whenever traveling with a child, a fee will be charged. the supplement or price established as a function of the chosen train. The Central of Reservations of Tourist Trains can inform about the lodging modalities and special prices for these cases.

      Only the Al-Andalus Train and the Deluxe Suite of the Al-Andalus Train have enough space for parents to place a small travel cot that they bring themselves or to have a third extra bed.


      The pets are not allowed, except for guide dogs that accompany their owner.


      The power supply in Spain is 230 V 50 Hz with F-type plugs with two cylindrical plugs.

      Reservation conditions and cancellation policy

      Reservation and payment processing:
      To process your reservation, fill out the form with the requested data, within a maximum period of 48 hours you will receive your reservation requesting 40% of the total to guarantee it. The remaining 60% must be paid no more than 35 days before the train departure.

      Cancellation policy:
      During the 2021 season, cancellations of reservations will be free of charge up to 30 days before departure.

      As of day 30, the following cancellation fees continue to apply:

      • Cancellation between 30 and 15 days: 25%
      • Cancellation between 14 and 5 days: 50%
      • Cancellation between 4 and 1 day: 80%
      • Cancellation with less than 24 hours or no-show on the day of the start of the trip: 100%


      a) Changes in the date of completion of the trip: The percentage to be applied, always on the RRP in force, to know the amounts to be paid as compensation, will increase depending on the date of communication of the change with respect to the start date of the trip, as follows:

      • Changes communicated more than 30 days in advance are allowed, depending on availability of places.
      • Changes in the date of the trip are not allowed with less than 30 days before the start date of the trip.

      b) Changes in the identity of passengers:

      • Changes in the identity of one of the two passengers traveling in a double room are allowed up to 5 days before the departure date of the trip.
      • Changes in the identity of the two passengers traveling in a double room or the passenger traveling in a single room are not allowed. Such changes will be considered Cancellations.
      Phone sale:

      Hours of operation:
      Monday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Except Holidays)
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