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From Madrid to Barcelona in AVE

The average train trip from Madrid to Barcelona is 3h 10m, although it only takes 2h45m in the fastest Renfe AVE service. There's around 26 Madrid to Barcelona trains daily, departing from Madrid Atocha starting 6:30 until the last at 20:30. In Barcelona every train departs from Barcelona Sants towards Madrid Atocha Station.

Barcelona Sants is the second most important station in Spain, located in the neighbour of Sants-Montjuic in the center of Barcelona, was built in the ends of the 70's.

Given the fact Sants-Montjuic district is located in the south area of Barcelona, is quite easy to walk to many of the atracctions the city has to offer. Just a few minutes walking off the station you'll be getting to the famous Joan Miró Park, where you can find his famous statue "Woman and bird"; the emblematic Spain Square with the famous fountain. Also other architectural wonders as the Venetian Tower. Through this square crosses the "Gran Via de las Cortes Catalanas" one of the most important streets in the city, famous by his numerous shops and restaurants.

Just like both of the greatest cities in Spain, it isn't surprising that the AVE Madrid - Barcelona is one of the most important routes of Spain. Thanks to the high speed Renfe service, the national and international tourists can travel from Madrid to Barcelona within 2hours and 45 minutes using AVE. Of course, if you wish to save money and you are down to spend few hours in a train, there's other regional train options conecting both of the cities.

The AVE direct service can take you from the center of Barcelona to the center of Madrid in 2 hours and 45 minutes. If you like comfort, we recommend you acquire a preferent class ticket; Renfe's first class is equiped with bigger and more comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi, more spacious wagons and less seats, free catering services and access to the VIP rooms in both stations.

In this page you will find all the information you need to know about the train services from Barcelona to Madrid in highspeed trains (AVE). You can find all the information regarding: when to depart, train schedule, how much cost the ticket, travel time and all the details of given services.

Cheapest Train times Madrid - Barcelona

7:15 16:37 43,00€
14:30 17:25 109,00€

Other AVE schedules Madrid - Barcelona

6:20 9:34 109,00€
09:30 12:34 109,00€
16:30 19:15 109,00€
17:30 20:40 109,00€
18:30 21:20 109,00€
20:30 23:40 109,00€

Important information about the train from Madrid to Barcelona

Distance: 506km

Origin Station: Madrid Atocha

Frequency: 8 daily trains

Destination station: Barcelona Sants

Compañias: Renfe

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Frequently asked questions about the train Madrid-Barcelona

What kind of train goes from Madrid to Barcelona?

The kind of trains you can take are the AVE Renfe from Madrid to Barcelona. Take into account that these trains might not be in a straight route so we recommend you verify your schedule and route.

AVE Madrid - Barcelona price: When is best to buy the ticket?

The average price for AVE Madrid - Barcelona is 103,08€. There are more economic tickets, however the route is much longer; about 9h 4 min aproximately.

Reserving your ticket in advance is the best option for Madrid - Barcelona route, since, chaces are, you can get your ticket up to 25,95€. Now, if you buy the ticket on the day of the trip the average cost is 103.08€. Renfe also allows you to enjoy discounts and other benefits if you purchase them in advance. Is time to plan to save some cash. Also, as a recommendation, we suggest try avoid purchasing train in the peak hours (06:00 to 10:00 and 17:00 to 20:00)

How long takes the AVE Madrid - Barcelona?

The AVE trip from Madrid to Barcelona covers 506 km in about 3 hours and 10 minutes, but some trains can take you there in 2 hours and 45 minutes. There's also slower trains that takes 9hours and 4 minutes.

Which is the schedule for the AVE Madrid - Barcelona?

The AVE train schedule from Madrid to Barcelona, monday to friday, starts around 06:20h while the last train departs at 20:30. On the weekedns, the first train departing from Madrid does it about 07:30 h and the last one is at 20:30h.

Remember Renfe can modify the routes depending on the dates and the requirements of the existing tickets. We provie you with the departing and arrival schedule for the AVE Madrid - Barcelona so you dont get surprised. If you are considering the inverse route you can check the AVE Barcelona - Madrid schedule. Always plan your AVE trip.

What is the average cost of the Madrid - Barcelona train?

The average price for train Madrid - Barcelona is 108,90€ but the minimal fee is 43€. All depends on the time of the trip,, the duration, discounts, promotion and even because of buying the ticket in advance.

What time departs the first train from Madrid to Barcelona?

The first train between Madrid and Barcelona is an AVE train and departs from Madrid Atocha station at 06:20h and arrives in Barcelona at 09:34h. The trip lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes.

What time does the last train Madrid - Barcelona departs?

The last train between Madrid and Barcelona is AVE and departs from Madrid Atocha station at 20:30h and arrives Barcelona at 23:45h. The trip lasts for 3 hours and 10 minutes.

What is the distance of the train Madrid to Barcelona?

The train from Madrid to Barcelona runs for 506 km.

Is there direct trains from Madrid to Barcelona?

Yes, you can travel from Madrid to Barcelona without the need of transfer trains. There's 8 direct trains from Madrid to Barcelona in a daily basis. Depending on the time and date of the trip there might be more than other certain days.

How long takes the fastest train from Madrid to Barcelona?

The AVE from Madrid to Barcelona only takes 2h and 45 minutes in direct service.

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